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Gambar Bogel- Benar? Palsu?

sekarang ni macam2 taktik ‘perang’ yang kita boleh lihat di antara PR dan BN. Siapakah dalang di sebalik gambar bogel Elizabeth Wong? benarkah dari BN? atau pun hanya taktik PR untuk memburukkan nama baik BN?

eh, kenapa saya katakan PR nak buruk kan BN? bukan kah gambar bogel tersebut akan memburuk kan nama baik Elizabeth Wong dan bakal merosakkan reputasi beliau? dan seterusnya PR sendiri?

Ya, mungkin ada pihak BN ingin menjatuhkan Elizabeth Wong dengan taktik kotor. ataupun… mungkin juga ada pihak yang ingin menjatuhkan nama baik BN dengan menjatuhkan nama baik Elizabeth Wong supaya nampak seperti EW adalah mangsa taktik kotor politik BN. get it?!

ah.. itu lah mainan politik… perihal gambar tersebut.. saya pun tak pernah lihat lagi, tapi gambar yang tersebar di internet boleh jadi palsu boleh jadi benar sebab dengan teknologi secanggih photoshop. sukar hendak tentukan. tapi kalau ianya tidak benar dan palsu, kenapa hendak gelabah dan melatah kan?

apa-apa pun, disini saya tayang kan gambar yang tersebar di internet. ada benar dan ada palsu, sukar juga hendak tentukan. terkadang ingatkan palsu rupanya benar. ingatkan benar rupanya palsu…

Photos - Real or Fake?

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Japanese Fashion Craze


Again, Masalah Negara

at this moment everyone is only interested to save their own skin… i mean.. with the economics recession and such and the lay offs, lost jobs, lost business, bankruptcy… good thing is the oil price now back to almost normal.. but the goods are never going to go down… everyone is concerned about their own welfare.. on how are they going to survive in this world…

so i can make this conclusion on what people do for a living.. on what are they doing with their lives… what drives them? entertainment? comfort? more money? recognition? life’s little pleasure? power? certainly for small2 people like me.. at this stage in my life is to look for a better living for me and my family.. and the means to that is more money.. i think a lot of people wants more money too.. money can certainly buy a lot of things…

so i wonder about politicians too.. do you want to be a politician? i wonder if there’s a lot of money involved in it.. what with tax money and the biz opp… the other day i read in the paper about BN chastising the PR on not being patriotic by changing their official cars from Perdana V6 to Toyota Camry 2.4. all 16 of them… wow… but the PR then spat back at BN for one of them changed the Perdana V6 to Mercedes E200! all 14 of them! take that!.. ahaha.. changing to what cars are besides the point here… they are using the reason cost of maintaining V6 are too high… lame. if both of them are really concerned about cost… how bout using a MYVI instead. its very economical and the maintenance are low i think. its a very useful good economical, affordable car. and the size is good. naperr tak nak? tak standard yer? tak sama dgn rakyat yer?

my point is this… both PR and BN people need to reevaluate why do they want to be a politician in the first place… is it because of the benefits?  what benefits? i think REAL good leaders, actually doesn’t want to be one because only a real leader recognizes just how heavy the burden and a lot of responsibilities and work it is.

Melayu Mudah Lupa

Melayu mudah lupa ka… bangsa pendatang yang mudah lupa asyik-asyik hina bangsa Melayu yang merupakan penduduk asal tanah tumpah darah nya?

Melayu ni baik sangat. asyik-asyik nak jaga hati orang lain sampai sendiri di injak injak pun tak pa… Jambatan bengkang bengkok tak lulus sebab nak jaga hati Singapura… jalan raya Johore jammed dengan sekaya roti pun telan jugak… sebab nak jaga hati…

sekarang bangsa lain melalak melolok mempersoalkan hak melayu, hina melayu, nak hak samarata bla bla bleh blah.. tak pa jugak… yang orang melayu sorang ni cakap peringat kan mereka tentang asal usul bangsa ni kena hukum pulak… baik kan orang melayu? orang pukul anak kita takpa, anak kita pukul orang kita pukul anak kita balik… baik dan bersopan santun adat melayu kan?

kesimpulan nya, bangga la jadi Melayu. Melayu baik, sopan santun, rendah hati… tak la bongkak sombong.. melalak melulu… sampai bangsa lain lupa pun kita yang mengaku Melayu mudah lupa… ada ka bangsa lain nak mengaku die orang tu sebenarnya pelupa?

Good! Name and Shame 'em!

Govt wants to name and shame errant officers, staff

KUALA LUMPUR: The government proposes to publish in local newspapers, the names of government officers and staff against whom disciplinary action was taken for misuse of power and other offences, the Dewan Rakyat was told on Thursday… read more

Good. because the other day, some police officer forbid my husband to wait in front of the airport in the car. BUT let a government car park at the yellow line. My husband of course pointed that out. and the police officer simply said “that’s different. that’s government.” so now they have double standard eh?

so my husband jotted down his name and his police number. if that officer is lucky his name will be published soon!

anyway, speaking about our lame police, i saw on the news today, that the police chief are complaining that even though there are about 76000 police force in Malaysia, since the populations are increasing so is the crime rate. true, true… they cannot handle it all, what with the borders and smuggling and drugs and such. and they are asking more funding from the government so they can recruit more officers. Good.


the existing police doesn’t do their job well enough that it is so easy to become a criminal and get away with it.
1. you wont get caught if not caught red handed
2. there are a lot of traders out there that you can sell your ‘goods’ too. and those traders are not penalized. if there are no demands of such things, the motivation to steal trivial stuff will be gone too. but since you can sell whatever you stole… including birds and cats and other pets… its a way to make a living since it is so hard to find jobs nowadays and it is the easier solutions since our police are wimps.

so what? is recruiting more wimps will solve the rising crime rates? They should be a more effective police eradicating trivial crimes first. then will they have the ability to solve murders and such. if you cant solve petty crimes. if its so easy to steal and get away with it, whats with murder? and rape? and kidnapping? and God knows whatever else?

i will never forget how a police officer asked us to go back to sleep when the thief is still in our backyard at four in the morning! and get back to us to do some ‘investigating’ like taking fingerprints at 8pm! like, 16 hours later? wtf?!! and then complained we have cleaned up the evidence. wtf? wtf?!!

in the end it is Quality versus Quantity.

We Don't Want to Be Like Thailand Do We?

the anti government protest in Thailand forces almost all the airport to close. now this may sound trivial to those staying at home but for travelers, and overseas workers trying to get home this is a night mare.

is this fair? a friend of mine is trying to get back home to Thailand 2 days ago, carrying the body of his deceased friend. a friend that grew up with him, his flat mate, work partner, very close brother-like relationship. All his family members are waiting for them to come and there was a riot at Bangkok airport. i don’t know til now what to become of his journey home since his phone battery went dead and he haven’t call to confirm of his whereabout. whether still stranded in KL.. or safely home. who’s to know?

so… protest to the government with violence? its not going to solve anything. and its not fair to a lot of people. like my friend. trying to bring home a body for a proper funeral. So for those who wanted to protest the government.. do it peacefully… and definitely NOT naked.

Lebih Senang Percaya Cerita Karut Marut

hari ni saya nak cakap melayu… harap2 tak jadi macam Sh.Armani la plak.. memang “i feel silly when i speak malay” sebab saya lagi petah cakap melayu srawak. kengkawan masa kat kampus dolu pon salu gelak kat saya cakap melayu ni.. cakap melayu bukan bahasa kebangsaan punye lah ye.. blog ni bukan nya buku teks.

lagi satu orang kita nie mudah sangat nak percaya cerita karut marut.. agak nye kenapa ek? banyak sangat nengok cerita dongeng kat tivi ka? cerita pasa Razak Baginda punya la hebat skandal nya… kes bunuh, TPM terlibat sama. Isteri TPM yang rancang dan bla bla bla… anda boleh baca abe mie nye cerita kat sini.

bila dah baca semua tu.. rasa cem lepas baca novel misteri penyiasat. punya la hebat-hebat di luar dugaan tuduhan demi tuduhan yang di lemparkan. kalau la Razak Baginda memang seorang yang cerdik, merancang pembunuhan Altantuya… mengapa dibunuh dengan sedemikian ‘hebat’ nye. bubuh je racun tikus. pi sorok dlm hutan mana kat mesia nie.. mana polis nak carik… sedangkan pencuri yang hisap gam lagi polis tak larat nak carik. tu la kalau die cerdik la.

yang hairan bin ajaib nye… macam mane la polis yang tak bleh nak tangkap pencuri yang tgh high dengan dadah, boleh plak jumpa mayat Altantuya yang dah hancur berkecai di tengah-tengah hutan belantara?! Setau saya, nak cari pencuri nyorok dalam semak pun dieorang tak larat…

tu je yang saya nak persoal kan. seolah-olah RB kene frame oleh seseorang. tapi tak tau le sapa. dah mainan politik kan. kita orang orang kecil nie dok sibuk risau dengan pencuri haprak je. yang depa kat atas nu dok sibok nak jadi PM. ntah ape2 la. takde orang lain ke nak jadi PM? Tun tak nak jadi PM lagi ke? dah serabut serabai dah negara kita nie.

ntah sape la yang boleh leraikan kekusutan nie. apa yang rakyat dapat hasil dari perebutan kuasa BR dengan BN? yang satu janji itu ini. yang satu lagi selama ni “take for granted” je. dah kalah baru nak gelabah. tapi, kalau nak pilih antara dua, baik pilih BN kan? sekurang-kurang nya adat tatatertib negara masih lagi di pertahan kan. takde la nak buat demonstrasi bogel ke ape ker…

saja je nak ngomel-ngomel mengeluh kesah hari ni. penat je baca cerita karut marut yang bermotifkan propaganda politik. benda kecik kecik macam pencuri yang semakin tumbuh macam cendawan takde sapa nak hirau pun? kan? kan?

Language is Very Important

Ironically i’m writing this in English.

i admire the Indonesian. they all speak Indonesian regardless of race. flawlessly.

I was watching the Indonesian tv series (there’s a whole chanel of it on astro) and was amazed to find one of the actresses is actually chinese. i couldn’ tell! she speaks flawless Indonesian! and my mum’s maid, (an indonesian) said they even speak indo amongst Chinese themselves. wow… when i think about it, language plays major role in uniting a multiracial country.

touching a sensitive racial issue in our country, i agree that the Chinese far excell the Malays in every part. and they are more deserving to be given opportunities given to Malays. They will do a better job at it. when you see such disgusting social problems amongst the Malays… you can’t help but think “Mungkin Melayu akan hilang di dunia”

In relation to my earlier post Sedeh, it’s not about who owns ‘the house’ but how it is being questioned and how the ‘original’ owner being complacent and the new family being rude. just one of the many possible scenario. ah.. forget it.

point is, this is OUR country, OUR generation. we are born, raised, educated here. we are multiracial, multireligion. We have Bahasa Kebangsaan that can connect us all, that we all share and have in common. Why cant we all be more like the Indonesian? (like me for instance, still write in English! mwahaha… speak for myself!)

Language can connect us more than we could think possible. common language makes other race seems less different. Hearing a non-bumis speaks flawless Bahasa Malaysia makes your heart smile. Thinking of sending them ‘home’? home where? how are they going to communicate at ‘home’? they are ‘home’ here in Malaysia! Their mother tongue is Bahasa for God’s sake! if you get what i mean…

well… in the end it all boils down to our collective ego of our race. we don’t want our race to be wiped off the face of the earth. All these shouting and squibbling and quarelling about touchy issues of race is just a potrayal of how insecure a Malay feels towards his/her own race in their own land of origin. But on a more miniscule level, every individual are more worried about the future welfare of their offspring. We learn by example. and a very concrete, scary example is the living breathing Singapore.

Naked Reform

Oh. My. God.

What in the world are they thinking? have they mistaken us for a Europe country or some sort? stark naked demonstration? that is wayy too much. Is sodomy accusations not gross enough for our children to hear and read in the paper and on the news? and now they want to teach our younger generation to go stark naked if they don’t get what they want?

Fine. the rental hike is not fair. but certainly there are millions other effective ways for them to protest!

Police and Thieves…

last thursday some burglars broke into my sister’s house and stole 2 of her 9 (or was it 12? i lost count) it was a green parrot and a white cockatoo.

she was of course devastated by the lost of her beloved pets. not so much of the monetary value. losing pets can be so heartbreaking. she cried all night. and of course, the police are usually useless. another case of wasted tax money.

i remember when i was younger policemen were much feared up to the point even your parents can threaten you if you misbehaved the police will catch you. haha. they’re not just feared, but also respected. Nowadays i would just shrug looking at them. try as they could to look all important, ever since the stupid stoned thief broke into my house, to me they’re just a bunch of makan-gaji-buta losers.

oh, they will excel at giving you parking tickets, road blocks, and speeding summons… but close their eyes at thieves breaking cars, super excellent at making your life miserable when you have to lodge report, making sure everything is inconvenient, and simply let pelumba-haram bet on their races.

some loser jerks even decided to make a career being burglar. because it is too easy. too easy being off the hook. as long as you’re not caught red-handed, you’re a free man. people will steal just anything nowadays. they justify it as a means for a living.

i don’t know what are the politicians up there shouting about. and i don’t give a damn. for as long as the police remain a bunch of wimps, everything else is futile to me. how hard is it to handle small small cases like car and house robbery? some things cannot be replaced with money, like losing your pets. and a peaceful sleep at night.

no. you can’t have those nowadays. your house have to have safety grill, alarm system and that’s not enough, you have to keep guard dogs, and hire watchmen. yeah right. like that will stop them thieves. what else can you do to feel safe? build a secret house underground?

again, i’m so pissed with the nonfunctioning police force. what do they do i wonder? sit around parading with their uniform? pretending its Gerak Khas? what bull$hit!

and those thieves… if i get my hands on them… i will peel off their fingernails one by one before chopping them off!


One day, a desperate homeless stranger knocks on your door asking for a place to stay. Not having the heart to turn him down and in exchange for some odd jobs at home you let him in.

After a few years, he asks permission to let his wife and kids join him. having grown to trust and depended on him, you think, why not? his family could help lessen the burden on your family and everyone would be happy – your family relieved from household chores, and your homeless friend will have shelter.

as years goes by things began to change. his family began to grow rapidly and your house becomes more crowded. then your friend proposed to extend your home. on him. Since he argued that he cannot afford a home on his own, but can afford to extend your home you consented. and soon it goes on and on since he becomes more economically able and your home no longer have its original structure.

And suddenly his wife is not happy sharing home with your family. she argued that they have spent more on your house than you. and she wanted equal right on the ownership of your home.

If this were really to happen to you, won’t you feel sad? or angry?